“She Was Very Enthusiastic!” 108-Year-Old Woman Casts Her Vote for the 15th Time in Terengganu

On August 12th, an inspiring incident unfolded in Terengganu, as a 108-year-old woman named Munah Adam exercised her right to vote at the SK Pasir Raja polling station. 

Remarkably, Munah, who relies on a wheelchair, made her way to the polling station around 11 am, accompanied by her son, Adnan Apil. Adnan shared that Munah's determination to participate in the electoral process stemmed from her understanding of the significance of voting for the people of Terengganu.

“she was very enthusiastic!” 108-year-old woman casts her vote for the 15th time in terengganuPhoto via Berita Harian

In a conversation with Berita Harian, Adnan recounted his mother's resolute request, "When I asked her if she wanted to go and vote or not, she was very enthusiastic and asked me to take her to the polling station."

Proudly, Adnan revealed that this marked Munah's 15th time casting her vote. Notably, during the 2022 General Elections (GE15), she managed to walk to the polling station to fulfill her civic duty…

Unfortunately, she experienced a fall from her bed last December, which left her unable to walk. However, her indomitable spirit endured, as she continued to engage in conversations and share lighthearted moments with her family.

When inquired about Munah's daily routines, Adnan noted that despite her remarkable age, she lives life much like anyone else, relishing meals of rice accompanied by traditional side dishes.

Munah Adam's dedication to casting her vote, despite her age and physical challenges, underscores the essential role that voting plays in the lives of Malaysians. Voting is not merely a right; it's a powerful tool for individuals to contribute to the shaping of their nation's future.