When Friendship And Romance Collide: Soundtrack #1 Streams March 23rd On Disney+ Hotstar!

When tight deadlines and workplace pressure combine, two friends will be forced to confront their long-underlying romantic feelings in Soundtrack #1 - the latest Korean drama to arrive on Disney+ Hotstar.

when friendship and romance collide: soundtrack #1 streams march 23rd on disney+ hotstar!

Starring Han Sohee (My Name, Nevertheless, The World of Married) and Park Hyungsik (Happiness, Suits, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon), audiences can begin streaming this touching story of young love from March 23.

Set in modern-day Korea, Soundtrack #1 tells the story of struggling songwriter Eunsoo (Han Sohee) and her best friend of 19-years Sunwoo (Park Hyungsik). Tasked with the challenge of writing a hit song about unrequited love, the pair end up unexpectedly living together and sharing their stories of love in an attempt to finish the song. Unbeknownst to Eunsoo, Sunwoo has long been hiding his true feelings for her out of a fear of ruining their friendship and losing her forever. As the story evolves and the pair start to spend every waking moment together, unspoken feelings begin to emerge, and the couple is forced to walk a fine line between friendship and romance.

Featuring a captivating story by Ahn Saebom and expert direction by Kim Heewon (Vincenzo, The Crowned Clown, Money Flower) Soundtrack #1 beautifully combines emotive storytelling with music from some of Korea’s most popular artists including Kyuhyun, Park Boram, and Davichi to leave audiences moved and reminiscent of lost loves gone by.

Soundtrack #1 is the latest Korean story to join the ever-growing library of world-class content available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Viewers can begin streaming Soundtrack #1 on Disney+ Hotstar from March 23.