We Got Invited To Watch “Uncharted” Early, And Here’s What We Think About The Film!

This weekend, you'll be able to see a tremendously enjoyable thrill ride of a movie starring Tom Holland, who performs death-defying stunts and spends a significant chunk of the movie smart bantering and flying through the air…

And no, we’re not talking about Spider-Man: No Way Home - though that one is pretty good as well. We cried. 

we got invited to watch “uncharted” early, and here’s what we think about the film!

So, no we’re not talking about Spider-Man, but we’re actually talking about Uncharted, a feature film adaptation of the popular PlayStation video game series starring Tom Holland as the globe-trotting, history-loving treasure hunter Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Nathan's sinister mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan. 

Nathan Drake is a young thief who is recruited by treasure hunter Victor "Sully" Sullivan for a quest to find 5 billion dollars in gold that has been lost for centuries. 

Nathan and Sully will encounter double-crosses (both real and figurative), adventure, and secrets that have lain dormant since Magellan's time. As they try to find this mystery reward before Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas) and his associate Jo Braddock (Tati Gabrielle), Victor and Sully are joined by Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali), another treasure hunter who doesn't trust this couple.


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As far as game adaptation films go, we'd say this one is fairly awesome. It could have been better, but it could have also been worse.

All in all, It’s a fantastic movie with plenty of good actors and actresses, plenty of good action scenes and beautiful locations. We also recommend sticking around after the movie ends since there is an extra scene that hints to an unexplored sequel movie. Hmm…

You will find this film to be highly enjoyable to watch whether or not you had previously enjoyed the Uncharted games. 


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Let us know what you think of the film!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat