Watch The Latest And Hottest K-dramas And K-Movies on Astro this April!

This April, all K-fans can indulge on the hottest K-dramas and K-movies including romance, suspenseful thrillers, crime, action and family favourites on Astro via KBS World (Ch 392 HD), Oh!K (Ch 394 HD), tvN (Ch 395 HD), K-Plus (Astro GO Ch 396), and tvN Movies (Ch 416). Fans can also stream available episodes via On Demand and Astro GO. 

watch the latest and hottest k-dramas and k-movies on astro this april!

K-fans can watch the hottest K-dramas premiering 24 hours after Korea and the same week as Korea, including:

  • Thriller drama The Secret House, starring Seo Ha Joon, Lee Young Eun, Kang Byul and more from 12 April, on Oh!K (Ch 394 HD). 
  • Romantic drama Sh**ting Stars, starring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae and more from 23 April, on tvN (Ch 395 HD). 
  • Crime and mysterious drama The Killer’s Shopping List, starring Lee Kwang-Soo, Kim Seol-Hyun (AOA), Jin Hee-Kyung and Shin Sung-woo from 28 April on K-Plus (Astro GO Ch 396). 

  • Family drama It’s Beautiful Now, starring Yoon Shi-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-seok and more from 9 April, on KBS World (Ch 392 HD).

Fans can also enjoy the latest K-movies, including:

  • Family drama movie My Lovely Angel, starring Jin Goo, Jung Seo-Yeon, Jang Hye-Jin and more on 23 April, on tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD).

  • Crime and action movie On the Line, starring Byun John, Kim Mu-Yeol, Park Myung-Hoon and more on 30 April, on tvN Movies (Ch 416 HD). 

Additionally, K-pop fans can continue to cheer and sing along with Queendom 2, Korean reality show that hosted by Taeyeon, Korean singer and Lee Yong-ji, Korean rapper, on 3 April via tvN (Ch 395 HD).