URBN.SENI Celebrates Malaysia And Singapore

urbn.seni celebrates malaysia and singapore

What comes to mind when we bring up Singapore and Malaysia in the same sentence? It’s usually plenty of rivalry about food. 

We often fail to recognise and appreciate the historical and cultural links both countries share. URBN.SENI is here to change that. Running from 16-24 November 2019, this Triennial Malaysia-Singapore cultural showcase celebrates the beauty of both countries. 

urbn.seni celebrates malaysia and singapore

Covering all things music, art, film, theatre, design, and of course food, this event doesn’t discriminate - art lovers and instagrammers are welcome. There will be an amalgamation of sights, sounds of flavours for visitors. For those who want to indulge in a little theatre, check out Stereo Genmai on 21-22 November, a psychedelic tale about a novelist looking for his lost fictional character. Sounds pretty trippy right? 

urbn.seni celebrates malaysia and singapore

For the ones who are there for the visuals, check out the art installations on display! There will be collaborative works put up by young artists from the two neighbouring countries, so expect to see some pretty funky stuff. Also make sure you bring some moolah to spend at Maker’s Market by Naiise. This is your chance to get your hands on cute, artisanal things you rarely see elsewhere!

Burgers & Beans as well as Mixing It Up will also be on site to keep you fueled through the fun! The yummy bites and drinks they serve up promise to keep your tummy happy - food is the way to everyone’s heart after all, regardless of nationality!

By: Celestine Foo