Umie Aida Speaks Out On Being Kind To All Animals, Including Dogs!

umie aida speaks out on being kind to all animals, including dogs!

Photo via Instagram

Malaysian actress, Datin Seri Umie Aida sent the internet into a frenzy yesterday (November 30th), after pictures of her with stray dogs went viral on social media.

The Dukun star and local dog adoption centre, My Forever Doggo [MFD (IG: @myforeverdoggo)] teamed up to raise awareness on the issue of cruelty towards stray animals, and to deliver the message: 

“We can all live in harmony with all beings. It doesn’t matter who you are - if you do not like dogs, you do not have to hurt them because every religion teaches us to LOVE ALL BEINGS.”

In an interview with MFD, Umie shared the story of when she first moved into her current residence five years ago, and noticed some of the stray dogs in her area drinking water from a drain.

She took pity on them and started giving them clean water to drink from containers, before Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officers came to take them away, except for one dog, Blackie, who decided to slip away from sight so she could stay around Umie.

“She is so special. She respects me. She understands me. She doesn’t ask me to touch her. She doesn’t even poop or urinate around my area - she goes to the jungle,” said Umie.

“So I teach my kids to love animals. When they see that their mother loves animals, that love and affection comes to them naturally,” she added.

Umie also pointed out that during these troubling times, you can’t force people to love animals, but just appreciate all of God’s earthly creations.

“Don’t torture animals. Just respect their space and they will respect ours.”

Great job, Umie!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob