TOMORROW X TOGETHER: Our Lost Summer - A Captivating Journey of Growth and Resilience

TOMORROW X TOGETHER, commonly known as TXT, burst into the K-pop scene in 2019 as a group of "super rookies" in Korea. With their undeniable talent and charm, they quickly gained popularity both domestically and internationally. 

However, as the pandemic hit, uncertainty loomed over their promising career. Despite the challenges, TXT rose above the obstacles and embarked on a triumphant world tour. Their inspiring journey is now captured in the documentary, Our Lost Summer, available on Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia. In this article, we'll explore the highlights of this captivating film, which showcases the group's growth, passion, and resilience.


TXT is composed of five talented members - Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai. From the beginning, they proved to be more than just "BTS' brothers" from the same agency, establishing their unique identity as a group. Their debut was met with overwhelming support, and their popularity soared. However, just as their star was ascending, the pandemic struck, casting doubt on their future endeavors. Despite the uncertain times, TXT's unwavering dedication to their craft pushed them forward.

Our Lost Summer - A Journey of Triumph and Tribulations

Our Lost Summer offers an intimate look into the group's first world tour, which took place during the post-pandemic period. With restrictions lifted and hope renewed, TXT took to the stage with newfound determination. 

The documentary chronicles their performances in seven cities across the US, providing an inside view of the challenges they faced. From adapting to larger stages to connecting with audiences who might not be familiar with their work, the journey was filled with triumphs and tribulations.

A Film for All - Fans and Non-Fans Alike

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One of the documentary's strengths lies in its universal appeal. For TXT's devoted fanbase, known as MOAs, the film is an emotional and moving experience. 

Witnessing their favorite idols pour their heart and soul into each performance is a testament to the group's dedication and hard work. Meanwhile, for those new to TXT's music, the film provides an opportunity to appreciate their catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics, further bridging the gap between TXT and potential fans.

Life from the Performer's Perspective

Our Lost Summer immerses viewers in the world of performing artists, offering a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of being on stage. 

The documentary portrays the apprehensions and anxieties TXT experienced as they transitioned from virtual concerts to in-person shows. The camaraderie among the members becomes evident, as they support and uplift each other through tough times. These intimate moments showcase the group's resilience and determination to deliver unforgettable performances.

Longing for More Magical Moments

As the documentary covers only the US leg of their world tour, viewers are left yearning for more glimpses into TXT's journey. The documentary's success and emotional impact lead fans to hope for future installments that delve deeper into the group's growth and accomplishments. With their talent and passion, TXT's story is far from over, and audiences eagerly await more magical moments in the future.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER: Our Lost Summer is a documentary that resonates with both established fans and newcomers to the world of TXT. Through intimate storytelling, it captures the growth, passion, and resilience of this talented group. 

From their early days as "super rookies" to their triumphant world tour, TXT's journey is one of determination, perseverance, and genuine camaraderie. As they continue to make their mark in the global music scene, the future looks bright for TXT, and fans eagerly anticipate more magical moments to come.