You NEED To Watch TNB’s Adorable Video Reminding People To Save Energy!

you need to watch tnb’s adorable video reminding people to save energy!Image via TNB/YouTube

We’ve all read numerous tips on how to save energy, from turning off the lights when you leave a room to looking for the ENERGY STAR logos when shopping for new appliances. The reason why we see similar energy-saving tips over and over again is due to the fact that it really is that simple to save energy and live a more eco-friendly (and cheap) life!

So, why don’t we apply the tips? Sometimes, it’s out of convenience, sometimes, it’s comfort. Sometimes, you just wanna manjakan yourself. Kan?

Well, maybe this catchy, adorable and fun video by TNB might inspire you to be more consistent when it comes to saving energy in your home. We know it definitely inspired us.

Can someone please tell us who wrote the lyrics to this song?! EWAH EWAH!