TikTok Introduces First-Ever TikTok Artist, Malaysian-born, Fatia!

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos has expanded its presence in the music industry by announcing its first-ever global artist hailing from Malaysia, Fatia and her debut single, My World Too.

tiktok introduces first-ever tiktok artist, malaysian-born, fatia!

Going by @thisisfatia on TikTok, Fatia is a 21-year old that hails from Kuala Lumpur who showcased her love for music and built her following through duet singing videos on TikTok. Raised in a home filled with pop, classic rock and soaring showtunes, Fatia's music talent was honed from a very young age. Encouraged heavily by her parents, this self-taught musician found her voice performing in secondary school during choir and choral speaking events. Her sweet yet strong voice was discovered by TikTok in her many videos covering musical numbers from her bedroom. With her hopeful vocals and effervescent persona, Fatia's presence and community on TikTok continue to grow daily.

"TikTok has become a leading platform for music discovery, facilitating opportunities to discover many new artists and genres. We are so excited to have Fatia as the first-ever signed artist under TikTok across the world! As TikTok continues to make a name for itself as a hotbed for musical talent, we are committed to continue supporting the local music scene and giving talented artists such as Fatia a platform to show their voices to the world. Our mission is after all to always bring joy to the community through unlimited creativity and expression," said Sheau Mei Cheah, TikTok's South East Asia Music Marketing Lead.


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♬ original sound - Fatia

The song draws from Fatia's own experiences of finding the courage to break free of society's expectations and emerging stronger than ever. Inspired by the vocal stylings of pop royalty like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Malaysia's very own Yuna, My World Too serves as a reminder to be true to oneself and dare to carve their own path in life.

Fatia says, "This will be my first professional venture into the music industry and I am really excited for what's to come. TikTok has been instrumental in making my voice heard and I'm honoured to be the first-ever signed TikTok artist. Truth be told, I downloaded the TikTok app during the pandemic as a way to "sing my heart out" but little did I know, it led me to this! I'm truly grateful for this opportunity."


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♬ My World Too - Fatia

My World Too is composed and written by renowned Malaysian song-writer Aubrey Suwito who has also penned Malaysian classics such as Gemilang and Layarlah Kembali. This marks Suwito's second partnership with TikTok, after the earlier release of Perihal Dirimu earlier in the year between Malaysian artist Haikal Farid and Indonesian singer songwriter Weswey.

My World Too will be pre-released exclusively on TikTok on 19th November and available on all digital streaming platforms from 26th November 2021.

Not only that, but an exclusive short film about her journey will also be released on 24th November, for all to enjoy! The #MyWorldToo hashtag challenge will let users to take their chance in the spotlight with the filter, to encourage more users to finding their own wings.

Go listen to it now, guys, it's so good!