This Malaysian Layout-Artist Is Responsible for the Camera & Staging of Toy Story 4!

this malaysian layout-artist is responsible for the camera & staging of toy story 4!Main image via The Star

We don’t often think about the many people involved in the production of a Hollywood blockbuster. From writers and directors right down to the technical crew and production assistants, it takes a village to make Hollywood movie magic happen. 

But did you know that the brains behind the framing, camera angle, camera movement and lighting of each key animation scene of Toy Story 4 includes a 26-year-old layout-artist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Enter, Andrea Goh Siau Wei.

this malaysian layout-artist is responsible for the camera & staging of toy story 4!

Andrea is now working at Pixar Animation Studios in California after interning as a technical director 3 years ago through the Pixar Undergraduate Programme (PUP). In case you’re how THAT happened, it all began when she stumbled upon a Pixar seminar hosted by her alma mater, The One Academy.

Pixar sent nine people all the way to KL. I enrolled at the academy after that because I knew I wanted to work at Pixar.

After spending 3 months in the programme, she continued working in Pixar and has since added popular animation films such as Cars 3 and Incredibles 2 to her portfolio. In a report by The Star, she credits her success to the technical skills she had developed while in The One Academy and encourages aspiring artists to develop their skills.

Dig deeper. Do your research, keep trying, keep practising and just work really hard.

We’re so proud of what Andrea has accomplished and she’s definitely an inspiration to us all!