The First World Problems For Someone In Their 20’s

Do you ever change your mind every two minutes on what you want to do in life? 

Or, are you worried that you’re going to end up single, surrounded by many cats, and that you’ll never find the person you’re going to marry?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Keanu Azman chats with celebrities on their struggles they faced/are facing in their 20’s, so be prepared to realize that OMG celebs are just like… me!

So, what sorts of things keep a 20-year-old up all night? 

1. Career worries and just being an adult

One of Malaysia’s most renowned film stars, Maya Karin, spills all about the journey in her 20s, from taking on a role that took a toll on her career for a few years to finally getting her big break in Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam.

2. Struggling at your job?

Zee Avi, someone no foreigner to the music scene in Malaysia and internationally had two albums done in the US, both when she was only in her 20s. With all that success at a young age, what were the kind of things she struggled with off behind the music?

3. Breakdowns in public because you just can't help it!

Actress and TV host Uyaina Arshad spills never before secrets about her on set breakdowns and her struggles as a young adult. 

4. People telling you that you’re not suitable for a job

Adam C is no stranger to the Malaysian media scene, with over 10 years of being in the TV and radio industries. But he too, had people doubting him along the way.

5. Friendships that didn’t last

Malaysian singer-songwriter Bil Musa is always kicking butt for her music, but her earlier 20s days were pretty heartbreaking, especially when she had to move on from a friendship that never worked out.

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By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat