The Fate Of The Gotcha Call Will Be Determined By ‘Fight For Gotcha’!

Is this the end for HITZ’s Gotcha calls?

Malaysians can stream ‘Fight For Gotcha’ where HITZ Morning Crew announcer, Ean, and popular local stand-up comedian, Dr. Jason Leong will battle each other in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) match to determine the future of HITZ’s well-known on-air prank show, ‘Gotcha!’. 

‘Fight For Gotcha’ will be held on 2 October via HITZ’s Facebook Live.

Leading up to the match, all Malaysians can stream the pre-match ‘Press Conference’ this Wednesday (30 September) at 12 pm where both Ean and Dr. Jason Leong will make an appearance via HITZ’s Facebook Live to fans and share details of the fight mainly being their training progress thus far and also establishing how will the winner be decided.

Earlier this year, the HITZ Morning Crew threw the ‘Fight For Gotcha’ challenge to Dr. Jason Leong, in response to a statement by Dr. Jason Leong claiming that if he were appointed as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, he would discontinue prank calls.

Looks like the fate of ‘Gotcha’ lies in the results of the ‘Fight For Gotcha’ match…

If Ean wins, ‘Gotcha’ stays, and Dr. Jason Leong will need to carry out FIVE ‘Gotcha’s, and if Ean loses, ‘Gotcha’ will be discontinued.

Throughout the ‘Fight For Gotcha’ period, starting from 30 September to 2 October, all Malaysians can also take part in daily ‘Gotcha’-related polls held on HITZ social media/website as well!

Visit the HITZ website and social media pages for more info. You can even listen to HITZ anytime, anywhere on SYOK! Download it now:

The fate of the Gotcha call is in your hands, Ean!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat