#syoksyokriuh was pretty riuh

Last weekend, Sentul Depot was alive with activity during the two-day SYOK SYOK RIUH event.

The activities were colourful, ranging from painting a batik banner to making a wau - how many people can actually say they’ve done that? Children too had a hell of a time (while parents had a hellish one) playing in a huge sand pit. 

#syoksyokriuh was pretty riuh

A mini exhibition by Daniel Adams was also put up, with nostalgia as the overall theme. Walking through the installation sure evoked plenty of childhood memories for us! Meanwhile, there was a massage parlour for those who were stressed out. It was the weekend, after all. What better way to relax?

Better yet, the diversity of vendors was a sweet experience for all. Most of the stuff was not your regular items that can be easily purchased in a mall. The event saw many creative minds coming together with unique products, so that even simply browsing through things like succulents and sugar-free lollipops was a brilliant hub of inspiration.

#syoksyokriuh was pretty riuh

Of course, food was aplenty! The food trucks and stalls at SYOK SYOK RIUH saw some pretty long lines (and happy faces when they got their food). Serving up delicious bites like gelato, pasta, cheesy corndog, and other guilt-inducing food, even though we aren’t sure if walking around the retail space after eating was enough to burn off those calories.

#syoksyokriuh was pretty riuh

To top it off, we had a great time welcoming visitors to our booth too! The free roti canai, teh tarik and t-shirts sure were a good incentive (:P). The SYOK booth was full of “awww”s and “yayyy”s when visitors took a spin on our spin and win wheel - most won something from it! Life-sized Jenga and a Nintendo Switch station also definitely did more for the adults than the kids - yes, we saw you. But no judgement, we loved seeing everyone’s inner child come out to play!

If you missed RIUH this year, fret not - there will be more to come! Check out SYOK WEH as we travel around the country! 

By: Celestine Foo