Stream New Local Health Podcast "Navigating Dementia" On SYOK!

Malaysians can now stream Navigating Dementia, an English podcast series that hopes to create awareness about dementia, presented by Shamayne Leelawati, a certified dementia care specialist.

stream new local health podcast navigating dementia now on syok

The podcast also touches on the background of dementia and its causes while  providing support to families living with dementia by sharing ways to navigate the challenging journey. Navigating Dementia is now available for streaming on SYOK.

Since her own father was diagnosed with vascular dementia, Shamayne Leelawati, has been passionate to create awareness of the disease. As a caregiver to her own family member, she shares different ways one can handle people with dementia and her own personal experiences as a dementia advocate and caregiver. 

Navigating Dementia with Shamayne Leelawati offers 10 episodes, with new episodes available every Tuesday at 10am on the SYOK app and website as well as on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. T

he episodes include: 

  • Episode 1: What Is Dementia?
  • Episode 2: Destigmatising Dementia
  • Episode 3: So, Your Loved One Has Dementia. What Next?
  • Episode 4: The Joys and Pains of Caregiving
  • Episode 5: Mini-sode: Help! I Resent My Mom Yet Love Her Desperately
  • Episode 6: Preserving Your Mental Health
  • Episode 7: The Importance of Routines
  • Episode 8: Sundowning Symptoms
  • Episode 9: Mini-sode: Is Lying To My Loved One Wrong? 
  • Episode 10: Early Detection: What’s The Big Deal?

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