Super Junior’s Shindong Recalls That One Time He Yelled At BTS For Being Loud!

Super Junior is known for being loud!

Fans have said that the group just radiates chaos because they are always a mess during variety shows, keep talking over each other in interviews and always taking over the shows that they are on. 

So imagine… the Kings of being loud had to tell another group to be quiet! 

super junior’s shindong recalls that one time he yelled at bts for being loud!Photo via Pinterest / Twitter

Fans recently took to social media to recall the time Super Junior’s Shindong shared that he once yelled at BTS for being “too loud.” He explained in an interview that he had to tell the boys off as they were talking and laughing so loudly.

“This was when we were doing promotions together. We were watching the screen and they were making a lot of noise,” he said. 

He said that he got upset and told them to be quiet, “Kids, you are being noisy. Can you go outside for a little while to chit chat?” 

Shindong then said that he regretted what he said, and called himself “trash” while his members and staff laughed.

BTS fans, of course, weren’t surprised as they already know how loud their idols can be especially when all seven of them are together, “Super Junior members are known for being loud, so for them to say that BTS is loud, imagine how loud they were being!”

“I understand where Shindong is coming from. Sometimes I can’t watch their group live without subtitles because they are so noisy,” one fan said. 

Shindong, and Super Junior has always been BTS’ biggest supporter since day one! Just look at this adorable photo of Shindong and the boys!

Cute! And we totally get where Shindong is coming from, so it’s all good!