"Who Are You?" Super Junior's Ryeowook Hits Back At "Fan's" Malicious Comment

In the realm of Korean entertainment, artists often find themselves under the constant scrutiny of online critics and stalkers.

These individuals, known as sasaengs, go to extreme lengths to track and document the lives of their favourite celebrities, often invading their privacy and spreading personal information without consent...

who are you? super junior's ryeowook hits back at fan's malicious commentPhoto via X

Recently, Super Junior's Ryeowook faced off against one such malicious commenter who claimed to be a fan. In a recent online confrontation, Ryeowook confronted the commenter's disparaging remarks about his skills and questioned their loyalty as a fan.

On April 18, Ryeowook shared a screenshot of a hurtful comment from a netizen purporting to be a Super Junior supporter. The commenter wrote, "Do you seriously believe you've earned your money solely based on your abilities? I have little to say, being a Super Junior fan. Ryeowook, get a grip. You're not at a level where you can make money solely on your talent. Wake up."

In response, Ryeowook challenged the commenter, questioning their authority to judge his capabilities. "Who are you to determine my worth? I've always held onto my determination. Please refrain from spreading malicious comments," he retorted.

He further questioned the authenticity of the commenter's fandom, expressing disbelief that a true fan would attack him in such a manner. "I never thought I would need to justify myself, but there are those who assume and condemn me for supposedly undervaluing my fans. Why do you interpret my statement—'I earned money not because of you, but because I worked hard'—as an insult to the fans?"

Ryeowook continued to voice his frustration, highlighting the disparity between genuine support and hurtful criticism. "I do not consider those who malign me and leave hurtful comments, claiming to be fans because they spent money, as true supporters. 

“Right now, my genuine fans stand by me, defending me against such negativity. They are the ones who have stood by me in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Together, we have achieved so much. I urge you to reconsider the consequences of your words, which may one day come back to haunt you."

who are you? super junior's ryeowook hits back at fan's malicious comment

Korean netizens echoed Ryeowook's sentiments, condemning the actions of malicious commenters masquerading as fans. They emphasised that true fans do not engage in such behaviour and called for respect and understanding within fan communities.