Yuna Urges Visitors to Stop Trespassing “Forevermore” Music Video Locations

yuna urges visitors to stop trespassing “forevermore” music video locations

Main image via Astro Awani

Malaysian singer-songwriter, Yuna, has recently garnered a lot of praise for highlighting local Malaysian elements in a fresh, modern way through her music video for her single, Forevermore.

The opening scene, especially, caught the attention of her fans for sporting the nostalgic-inducing Proton Saga set against a rural petrol station in Perlis – something atypical of music videos today, which prefer to boast extravagant cars and luxuries.

However, this attention came as a double-edged sword for the owner of the petrol station who recently received a wave of unbecoming visitors climbing over the gate for a picture opportunity of the popularized petrol station.


According to a report by Astro Awani, the owner of the petrol station tweeted Yuna for her help to urge the public to stay behind the gate if they want to take a picture as she fears that others might also trespass onto her property.

Yuna, of course, immediately responded by spreading the word, urging everyone to be mindful of the business owners while visiting the Forevermore locations in Perlis.

yuna urges visitors to stop trespassing “forevermore” music video locationsImage via Astro Awani

As cool as it is to get pictures of these locations for the ‘gram, it is definitely uncool to trespass onto others’ private property and disrupt their peace.

Let’s be responsible visitors, people!