Spider-Man No More?

spider-man no more?

Our favourite web-slinger’s future may be jeopardised! After months of lengthy negotiation, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will no longer be producing future Spider-Man movies, caused by a discord between Sony and Disney (Marvel’s parent company) over their share in revenue. 

Disney apparently requested for revenue from future Spider-Man movies to be shared equally between Sony and Disney (and hence Marvel) with Feige as consultant producer. This would give Disney an increase from their current agreement of 5% from the gross box-office and merchandising revenue with the remainder going to Sony.

Instead, Sony refused to give in to this demand and released a statement on their official Twitter account citing that Feige had too much on his plate given his heavy involvement in X-Men, Deadpool, and other shows for Disney +, and thus will no longer be leading the Spider-Man pictures.

spider-man no more?

Kevin Feige has long been associated with the Avengers series ever since Iron Man came out in 2008, and is widely credited by fans of the franchise for his skill in making the Marvel Comic Universe what it is today. Without his lead, devoted fans are afraid that the widely interlinked superhero movies will be thrown into a chaotic mess with weak storylines.

4 years ago, there was an agreement between Marvel and Sony that allowed Spider-Man’s appearance in Avengers movies and vice-versa. This dispute between Sony and Disney may now see massive gaps in the storyline plots, especially given that a number of main characters were killed in Endgame.

Such a messy web. It’s true what they say - money always causes problems.