OR1 FM With Wonda Kopi Tarik Launched The Most Original Radio Station In Malaysia

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Astro Radio announcers dancing and celebrating on OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik

Images via Astro Radio; Edited by Syok Eng

17 radio stations, over 60 announcers, 4 languages, 18 hours… and 1 Malaysia Book of Records!

ICYMI, it was an extra special National Day this year as Wonda Kopi Tarik embraced Malaysia’s originally multicultural and multilingual communities to create a truly original radio experience—OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik.

What is OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik?

Campaign banner of OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik

Image via Astro Radio

It’s a Wonda Kopi Tarik and Astro Radio collaboration that brought Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil radio stations together to create a first-of-its-kind ‘radio station’ on 30 Aug, from 6am to midnight.

Malaysians were able to tune in through their favourite stations such as HITZ and RAAGA, or via Syok app.

OR1 FM announcers going on air in the studio of Astro Radio

Image via Astro Radio

OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik celebrated all the things that are originally Malaysian: our multilingual communities, multicultural traditions, and of course, food—much like Wonda Kopi Tarik, which is an original Malaysian taste. โค๏ธ

Here’s everything that happened on OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik

#1 It made it into the Malaysia Book of Records!

OR1 FM team posing with Malaysia Book of Records award

Image via Astro Radio


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There’s something quite inspiring about having announcers from 17 radio stations, speaking in multiple languages, uniting in one broadcast. And for that feat, OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik picked up a record for “Most Radio Stations to Broadcast the Same Feed Simultaneously”.

#2 It was a playlist of Malaysians’ favourite songs

Embracing the different cultures and multilingual communities of Malaysia, OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik got listeners to recommend songs that every Malaysian loves, regardless of the language they speak.

Whether it’s ‘Gemilang’ by Jaclyn Victor or Beyond’s ‘The Boundless Sea and Sky’ (read: that Chinese hit we all sing along without actually knowing the words to), OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik played them all.

So you could be bopping along to a Tamil song one minute, then karaoke-ing to a Chinese one the next! It turned out to be a pleasant surprise for many.

#3 Topic of the day was Malaysian originality… and a debate about the best laksa?!

Decked in traditional attires, announcers of the truly original radio station spent the day discussing all things Malaysian—from local slangs like ‘macha’ and ‘cincai’, to childhood games such as tengteng and batu seremban. It was truly like listening in to a group of multiracial friends hanging out at the mamak!


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Of course, we can’t be Malaysians and not talk about our food, so a battle of the best laksa went down too:


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#4 Some listeners went home with a share of RM30k!

Announcers from OR1 FM with Wonda Kopi Tarik also went live on Syok app to quiz its listeners on Malaysian trivia, with 60 of the fastest correct answers taking home a chunk of the cash prize each!

OR1 FM was brought to you exclusively by Wonda Kopi Tarik, the original Malaysian taste. Wonda Kopi Tarik, Malaysia’s favourite original kopi tarik in a can!


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