Netflix Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Part 1 Premieres This 24 June

Just when you thought the world’s biggest heist was over, think again. Say Annyeonghaseyo to Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Part 1 when it premieres on 24 June with six action-packed episodes. 

Directed by Kim Hong-sun, the series will be set against the backdrop of two Koreas creating a Joint Economic Area where North and South are on the verge of peaceful reunification. As the country makes way for a new unified currency, the Professor assembles a gang of top-class thieves to steal the cash straight from the mint and attempt to pull off an unprecedented heist in the Korean Peninsula. 

In a previously released title announcement, the Professor contemplates in front of a wall filled with unique masks, including the iconic Salvador Dalí mask from the original Spanish series. The Professor’s final choice is finally revealed — the Korean traditional Hahoe mask that features a face with a big smile. 

The bloodstains splattered on one side of the white mask raises intriguing questions, foreshadowing a heist filled with life-threatening twists and turns. 

Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area will feature a formidable cast who will play the iconic characters from the original series: Professor (Yoo Ji-tae), Berlin (Park Hae-soo), Tokyo (Jun Jong-seo), Moscow (Lee Won-jong), Denver (Kim Ji-hun), Nairobi (Jang Yoon-ju), Rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Helsinki (Kim Ji-hoon), and Oslo (Lee Kyu-ho). 

The Korean blockbuster Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area Part 1 is arriving with guns blazing this 24 June, only on Netflix. 

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