Neelofa “Takes Full Responsibility” for Recording Snippets of The Lion King on Instagram

neelofa “takes full responsibility” for recording snippets of the lion king on instagramMain image via Astro Awani

Celebrity and businesswoman Neelofa recently found herself in hot water when she was caught uploading snippets of The Lion King on her Instagram stories. While some netizens did not take her offence seriously, others were quick to urge the relevant authorities to take action.

Following this incident, she took to Twitter to publicly acknowledge her mistake and said that she would “take full responsibility for [her] wrongdoing.”

Many Malaysians commended her for stepping forward to admit her mistake, saying it would be a good reminder for others to respect filmmakers’ hard work and avoid making the same offence.

However, there were some others who weren’t happy that Neelofa seemed to get preferential treatment because she’s a celebrity as it is currently unclear if she is facing any charges.

Some of her fans responded to these comments, hoping that they would leave Neelofa alone and not make a huge issue out of it.

No matter what, this is indeed a good reminder for all of us to respect the intellectual property of artists and filmmakers. Let’s all just enjoy a movie without having the need to do it for the ‘gram!