Melaka’s Upcoming Horror House Attraction Set To Open In May 2021

melaka’s upcoming horror house attraction set to open in may 2021

Photo via Tourism Melaka

Attention, horror buffs! You’ll be glad to know there’s going to be another place for you to get your fix for all things scary…

A new tourist attraction called Melaka Horror House (Rumah Seram Melaka) is currently in the works, and it’s set to open its doors to the public in May this year.

But this isn’t going to be your typical haunted house incorporating your usual horror pop culture - this will be a very ‘Malaysian-ised’ house of horrors, which will include tales of ghouls during the Melaka Sultanate and Japanese Occupation.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali said the project, with an investment of about RM21 million, is being developed in the compound of the Taming Sari Tower and will present visitors with genres of horror, mystery, and dark fantasy, based on folklore that have occurred in the state.

“The horror theme was chosen as a new tourism product in Melaka because we want to diversify recreational places for tourists. Among the attractions, we already have included a zoo and Dinosaur World but we do not have any horror-themed attractions yet. Therefore, for visitors who want something different, for example, to test their courage, they can choose Melaka Horror House as a tourist destination,” he said.

Sulaiman added that although the attraction has the concept of a haunted house, visitors will also be able to gain knowledge of historical stories such as the legend of Hang Tuah and that of Princess Hang Li Po in a more interactive form.

Melaka, of course, is known for eerie tales and folklore, with the famous story about locals reportedly seeing apparitions of a British army commander and his family members lingering around a guesthouse at the Bukit Peringgit government quarters there.

We can’t wait!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob