Meet This Teenage-Heartthrob, Johnny Orlando!

After winning the 2019 Europe Music Award (EMA) for Best Canadian Act this past November beating Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara and Carly Rae Jepson, singer-songwriter Johnny Orlando is back with his brand new single “Phobias”.

meet this teenage-heartthrob, johnny orlando!Photo via Universal Music Group

With a knack for virality, Orlando has made immense progress in the past two years, releasing numerous international hits. His track “What If” clocked over 109 Million streams and 21 Million music video views in under a year, captured the #1 spot on the Global Song Chart and landed on Spotify Viral 50 in 33 countries. Currently, Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok are in his Top 5 countries on Spotify, while Malaysia is in his Top 10 countries for both streaming platforms as well as social media. 

Speaking of his new track Phobias, Orlando says, “It’s definitely the most personal song I’ve ever released, I really open up about all of my individual fears and insecurities. This is the first single from my next chapter of music and I couldn’t be more ready to show everyone what I’ve been working on.”

Also in 2019, Orlando was nominated for a JUNO Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and embarked on his first-ever headline tour across North America and Europe in support of the ‘Teenage Fever’ EP. Johnny Orlando fans can expect new music and a high level of activity from him in 2020!

meet this teenage-heartthrob, johnny orlando!Photo via Universal Music Group

With a collective social following of over 22 million fans, Orlando is at the forefront of the next generation Canadian artists impacting a global music stage. 

We had a chance to speak to the talented 17 year old, and here’s what he had to say!

1. What first got you into music?

I first got into music through YouTube. My sister and I were bored one Christmas break when I was 8, so we decided to make a cover and post it to YouTube! We really didn’t think anyone was going to watch it, it’s crazy how much things have changed since then.

2. Who inspired you to make music?

I draw inspiration from lots of different people/things, but musically my biggest inspirations are Justin Bieber and Frank Ocean.

3. How do you describe the music you typically create?

It’s definitely pop, but I try to incorporate elements from all of the different types of music I listen to. Sometimes we’ll add in hip-hop drums or rock-influenced guitar, I think it’s cool to mix genres and have fun with it!

4. We love your song with Mackenzie Ziegler, who would you most like to collaborate with next?

I would love to collaborate with Billie Eilish, she’s so sick. I love her music, she’s definitely one of my favourite artists right now. 

5. What inspired you to write “Phobias”?

The day we wrote the song I was feeling a bit down, so I thought why not write a song about how I’m feeling right now to clear my head a bit. The song is really just my personal fears and insecurities, and navigating life as a young person. 

6. After this, will there be new music coming soon?

Yes, lots of new music! I have another single dropping pretty soon… and I’ve been writing tons of new stuff!

7. Do you have any new upcoming projects in the future?

I might just have a new EP coming this summer :)

8. Any plans for an Asia tour and will Malaysia be included?

Of course! We have talked about it lots, and an Asia tour is definitely in my plans for the near future. I’ve seen so much support from my Asian fans over the years, so I would love to finally come and meet them! Malaysia will definitely be included!

9. What is one message you would give to your fans in Malaysia?

10. If you weren’t doing this for a living… what would you be doing?

I’m Canadian so I would probably just be going to regular high school and playing hockey, it’s kind of a right of passage here. I still play a bit for fun, but music keeps me pretty busy!