Meet These Very Inspiring Malaysian Women!

There are many inspiring women around us - our mothers, teachers, sisters, neighbours, and colleagues. Women are amazing, especially with their ability and courage to carry multiple responsibilities both at work and at home. 

meet these very inspiring malaysian women!Photo via YouTube MAGGI Malaysia

Nadeera Ismail started off her career as a makeup artist 6 years ago offering services to celebrities and wedding parties.

Nadeera is always confident in her decisions. When she found out that her son was autistic, she felt like she couldn’t accept the news. Her son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and she decided to take action during the early stages despite what other people said, and started treating her son as soon as he was diagnosed. 

meet these very inspiring malaysian women!Photo via YouTube MAGGI Malaysia

Norijah Jeeffery is the first female forklift driver at Nestle who has broken stereotypes and is very successful in her job. 

Though her colleagues are mostly men, it doesn’t stop her from proving that, she too, is capable and hardworking. She does not give up easily and loves challenges. It is important for her to try new things because she never wants to feel left out and wants to be an example to her children. 

meet these very inspiring malaysian women!Photo via YouTube MAGGI Malaysia

Anne Idris is a successful entrepreneur who owns a bakery called My Mum’s Bakery. When she was 9-years-old, she visited Ipoh Bakery, in Taiping, and she would see her mother bake cakes and clean trays - she harnessed that spirit and told her mother that one day, they will have their own shop. 

Maggi is collaborating with ‘Women Will’, a ‘Grow with Google’ program to launch a nationwide initiative to support confidence enhancement and entrepreneurship skills of women across Malaysia. The workshops aim to create economic opportunity for women to grow and succeed in life by introducing them to technology that upgrades their skills to overall creating a positive difference in their individual lives. 

The series of upskilling workshops will offer four beneficial modules from confidence building, soft skills building, starting one’s own business to cooking tasty and balanced meals. The workshop will be held at three different locations over the course of the year.

Kota Bahru will be the first location (15 July), moving to Penang on 18 August and finally ending in Kota Kinabalu on 20 September 2020. 

If you want to know more updates on the workshop, head over to Tak Kenal, Maka Tak Cinta.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat