Malaysian Artist Teaches Ryan Reynolds On Miniature Art In "Ryan Doesn’t Know"

Malaysian miniature artist Lim Pui Wan, or better known as Picoworm, is the latest guest star in the Snap Original series Ryan Doesn’t Know!

In the episode titled, “Ryan Reynolds Got Huge Skills & Tiny Art”, actor Ryan Reynolds gets a hands-on lesson from Pui Wan and learns how to make a tiny hair dryer. Snapchatters can tune in to the episode to find out how Ryan’s final output looked like, which he described as looking like an “elephant trunk”, among other things.


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The Ryan Doesn’t Know Snap Original is a 12-episode series and exclusively available on Snapchat! The last episode is airing on Sunday (February 21st), but Snapchatters can still watch the previously aired episodes on the app. 

It may come as a surprise, but there are a lot of things that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t know… So, throughout the series, watch as Ryan takes some time for some self-improvement, learns extremely useful skills, and meets new friends! 

Ryan is always joined by a group of talented emerging artists and creators from an array of fields such as Pui Wan. He speaks with incredibly talented experts to collaborate and try his hand at their honed craft. 

Looks like we have this weekend sorted, we can just binge-watch this series on Snapchat! Guys, watch the Snap original trailer here!

So fun! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat