Ma, I Love You Successfully Earned RM1.2 Million In Just Three Days!

Director Chiu Keng Guan has an established reputation for telling heart-warming tales that break box office records with The Journey, Ola Bola, and now Ma, I Love You which earned RM1.2 million in its first three days in theaters.

Ma, I Love You produced by Astro Shaw with Multimedia Entertainment started its first screening on the 22nd of January in cinemas nationwide.

ma, i love you successfully earned rm1.2 million in just three days!

Director Ma, I Love You, Chiu Keng Guan said, “I’m grateful that this film has earned this great amount of support from the audiences. I created this film to not only entertain the audiences, but also to help families be closer to each other. 

“I am truly touched with the audience’s reactions after watching this film; some of them started hugging each other, some even mentioned to me that they realized how we must start expressing our love from time to time to our loved ones. I hope that the people who haven’t seen this film can start going to the cinemas soon with their families.”

He added: “I believe this valuable moment can be memorable for all families.”

Ever since its first debut in cinemas, many audiences have shared their positive feedback and reviews on social media. The film managed to move people’s hearts and their emotions.

These are some of the audiences’ comments:

  1. MAMA, I LOVE YOU! Is a good story well told. And in Chiu Keng Guan’s unique style with a subtext of how we can all learn from each other & experience life through our mistakes without pointing fingers at anyone. Great start to the new year! - Hassan Muthalib

  2. I highly recommend Ma I Love you for the holidays in the cinema. Good and watchable movie. Suitable for family outing. - @ahmadyazid

  3. Still cannot move on with the movie Ma, I Love You. It's not our mom who can't live without us, but it's us who can't live without our mom. - @ehsankam

  4. I break the queue. Filem Ma, I Love You ni memang sebuah filem yang cukup rencah sebagai filem Malaysia yang berpijak di bumi nyata. Siyes. Sangat brilliant. – Fariszuan Azhar

  5. Ma, I Love You”《真爱好妈》is an emotionally resonant film about a mother and her daughter. Fantastic film to celebrate the Chinese New Year with! Highly recommended! - Jack Chan Wah Loong

This family film tells the story of single mother Bee Ling and her daughter Qi Qi. For Bee Ling,

life is perfect. Qi Qi is everything to her, until she finds out Qi Qi’s secret plan to study abroad in France, all by herself. 

Feeling betrayed by her own daughter, Bee Ling resolves to stop Qi Qi’s dreams from coming true. 

What would Bee Ling do, and would Qi Qi be able to fulfill her dreams? Catch Ma, I Love You now in the cinemas nationwide. 

Ma, I Love You stars Ong Ai Leng, Siow Li Xuan, Loh Lai Kan, Felina Cheah and Phei Yong. Popular Malaysian celebrities such as Hwang Yifei, Siow Hui Mei, Michie Lam, Klay Heng, OkokokMou, Ho YuHang and Lalala Endy also make special appearances.


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