Light Up At iNYALA 2019

Happening from 1st-30th November 2019 at REXKL, iNYALA 2019 will showcase 12 art installations - 9 by higher education institutions and 3 by industry professionals.

light up at inyala 2019Photo: iNYALA

iNYALA is a play on the word “nyala”, which means ignite in Bahasa Malaysia. The word is also an acronym for iNteractive, You, and Light Art. Combining the “i” and “Nyala”, the connotation is that of a candle which burns on its own while providing light for others. iNYALA is aimed at being a platform to promote new media art, which is basically art pieces that are created or modified using technology.

light up at inyala 2019Photo: iNYALA

Themed “Imagine the Impossible”, iNYALA 2019 is meant to encourage industry professionals, upcoming talents and the public to transcend boundaries in the art industry. Visitors will be transported to an immersive digital park containing an assortment of installations that will make for a fun and immersive experience. Advocating for sustainability, the pieces reflect this by only activating when it detects human interaction. Most of the works were also created from recycled materials and will live on in other places after the exhibition has ended to continue educating and raising awareness among the public.

light up at inyala 2019Photo: iNYALA

“The future of new media art in Malaysia is still at its infancy stage despite having a pool of aspiring talents and artists from a wealth of cultures, backgrounds and abilities. We are all eager to explore, experiment and contribute to the creative industry. iNYALA aims to be a platform to bring industry professionals and aspiring talents together to open the public’s mind to imagination – how it can be realised with technology and creativity, whilst at the same time going deeper in exploring the possibilities of turning the installations into applicable solutions to address issues in society,” said Helios Loo, Founder of iNYALA. 

light up at inyala 2019Photo: iNyala

“The arts are the soul of the nation, it is our role to provide safe and nurturing spaces that support the development of young talent in the creative rats. Not only that, a thriving city should also be able to offer diverse and rewarding experiences for everyone. I am pleased with our artists and industry partners’ creativity and commitment in rolling out iNYALA. iNYALA is an exciting interactive light art exhibition which allows Malaysians to experience art and technology from a different perspective. It challenges the way we think about the arts and deliver a powerful message on sustainability and future possibilities, said The Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Yang Berhormat Tuan Bakhtiar bin Wan Chik.

light up at inyala 2019Photo: iNYALA

The artworks were shortlisted from selected submissions by local higher education institutions, with only those that best represented the theme of sustainability practice to be featured in the exhibition. The nine finalists were vetted by professional artists Abdul Shakir from Filamen, Jun Ong, light artist and architect, architectural designer Pamela Tan and Shin Chang, Co-founder of REXKL. There will be a final selection process later on to determine the final winners, which will then be announced on 1st December 2019. May the best man win!

Will you be dropping by this exhibition anytime soon?

By: Celestine Foo