Interview with Lee Seung Gi: A Conversation with “Su Seung” - Exploring His Thoughts, 2023 Highlights, & More!

Lee Seung Gi, the South Korean heartthrob, recently graced Malaysia with his presence for a public fan meet event at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, sponsored by Astro and One TV Asia. 

The event drew an impressive turnout, with approximately 600 enthusiastic fans converging at the Cheras mall to get up close and personal with the beloved entertainer.

interview with lee seung gi: a conversation with “su seung” - exploring his thoughts, 2023 highlights, & more!

The fan meet was an interactive and engaging affair, offering fans a chance to connect with Lee Seung Gi in a lot of activities. These included a guessing game, a chit-chat session, and live performances that left the audience enthralled. The star serenaded the crowd with soulful renditions of "Losing My Mind" and an acapella version of "Because You're My Girl," creating a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Before the fan meet, Lee Seung Gi took the time to sit down for an interview with SYOK and a group of local media from Astro at the EQ Hotel. 

The interview provided insight into the charming entertainer's thoughts and experiences, offering fans and readers a deeper understanding of the man behind the star…

Acting often requires getting into the mindset of your character. Can you recall a role that was particularly challenging to get into character for, and what unique methods or rituals do you use to prepare for such a character?

Lee Seung Gi (LSG): Instead of making a conscious effort to get into character, when I'm involved in any drama, I put on the costume and makeup, and I constantly immerse myself in the script. Through this process, I naturally become the character. It isn't always necessary to deliberately force myself into character.

You're known as a triple-threat for your exceptional acting, hosting, and singing. Can you rank these skills from 1 to 3?

interview with lee seung gi: a conversation with “su seung” - exploring his thoughts, 2023 highlights, & more!

LSG: Singing is definitely number one. Ranking the other two is tough; can we just put them in second place together? [laughs]

Of course! Thank you for that. During your military service, did you have any memorable moments as a trainee?

LSG: In Korea, when an artist goes into the military, there's often the thought, "Is my life going to end here?" I felt terrified. But when I actually went into the military, I was excited and had many great experiences. I met people and made connections, even though I didn't choose to go. I served in the Special Forces, and it was a valuable experience. I also improved my physical fitness.

[The audience collectively reacts with an "Ooooh" to the last part]

What's something you've started or recently done that provides healing for you?

interview with lee seung gi: a conversation with “su seung” - exploring his thoughts, 2023 highlights, & more!

LSG: In our industry, we're extremely busy and often stressed. To release stress, I used to go on short trips or travel. But lately, I've found solace in staying at home, doing absolutely nothing. Planning trips and going out for exercise has become a source of stress for me, so now I prefer staying at home.

If you were to act in a superhero film or drama, what superpowers would you want, and what would you name your superhero character?

LSG: I think it would be attractive to have the power to turn back time. As for a name... [laughs] This is a tough one. I've never thought about it. Maybe "Super Seung-gi"? "Su Seung"!

That's a great name! 2023 is coming to an end. What's been the highlight of your year?

LSG: The highlight of my 2023 is definitely my Asia concert tour. It's been ten years since I last did a concert, and as a singer, it's very exciting to see the fans again. Being back on stage reminds me of what it's like to be a singer. I hope to have more live performances in the future and touch the hearts of my fans. This has probably been the best concert I've ever done.

Thank you for sharing. Can you describe Malaysian Airens (your fans in Malaysia) in five words?

LSG: Malaysian Airens are kind, sweet, lovely, friendly, and "cantik." "Cantik" is the first!

One last question. You've been an actor for 17 years and have played various roles. What kind of roles do you wish to challenge next?

LSG: I'd love to play a doctor in a romantic comedy, something relaxing.

That sounds wonderful! We look forward to seeing that. Thank you!

You can catch Lee Seung Gi in the romantic K-drama "The King 2Hearts," airing on ONE channel on Astro (CH 393) and Unifi TV (Ch 461).

Additionally, you can watch him participate in the South Korean reality show "Golf Battle: Birdie Buddies."