Korean Variety Show "The Zone: Survival Mission" Returns to Disney+ Hotstar!

Launching with a three episode premiere, season two features new challenges, more hijinks than ever before!

korean variety show the zone: survival mission returns to disney+ hotstar!

After a hilarious first season that saw hosts Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo and Kwon Yuri struggle to complete a series of challenges as representatives of the human race, the beloved trio return for an eight episode second season in THE ZONE: Survival Mission 2, coming June 14, exclusively to Disney+ Hotstar.

Featuring an upgraded AI 2.0 that sets a series of increasingly difficult challenges, THE ZONE: Survival Mission 2 will see Jaeseok, Kwangsoo and Yuri travel to some of Korea’s most unique destinations as they fight to survive.

Spread across eight episodes, season two will throw the hosts into a variety of hilarious situations as they search for life-saving water in a haunted hospital; desperately play golf in an attempt to escape a rapidly sinking island in the middle of the ocean; recreate a series of childhood games on a shaking suspension bridge; try to escape a waterpark full of zombies; and attempt to survive on a traveling bed that’s been hijacked by a rogue AI, that drives the trio through a university campus, venturing into classrooms, crashing them through walls, driving them into a lake, and more.

Slated to launch with a three episode premiere on June 14, followed by a new episode released every week, THE ZONE: Survival Mission 2 is produced by Studio Gaon, directed by Cho Hyojin and Kim Dongjin, and is created by the original team behind the wildly popular Running Man franchise.

Stream THE ZONE: Survival Mission 2 from June 14, only on Disney+ Hotstar.