Meet Korea's Latest Superheroes!

Living with superpowers may seem exhilarating, but not when you’re being hunted down by some of the world’s most powerful governments.

Premiering 9 August, Moving is a Disney+ Hotstar Original, that is an electrifying, action-packed Korean drama series adapted from the popular webtoon in which three superpowered teenagers who had to hide their abilities must now protect themselves and their loved ones from exploitation.

Here’s everything you need to know about these young superheroes and their extraordinary abilities.

meet korea's latest superheroes!Superpower: Floating

Name: Kim Bongseok

Taught from a young age to keep his abilities a secret, Bongseok works constantly to prevent himself from floating off into the air. Weighing himself down with sandbags, weights, and heavy meals, Bongseok’s control over his ability begins to slip when a new girl transfers to his high school. He even recites the never-ending digits of Pi (π) to anchor and calm himself.

Played by Lee Jungha, this rising star has made a name for himself with his work on Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, Run On and Nevertheless. He is currently hailed as one of the most promising actors in Korea.

meet korea's latest superheroes!

Superpower: Regenerative

Name: Jang Huisoo

After getting into a fight with 17 guys and coming away completely unscathed, Huisoo is forced to transfer to a new high school far away from her old home. Determined to keep her powers of regeneration a secret, things begin to change after meeting Bongseok.

Starring Go Younjung in this titular role, this beloved actor is known for her standout performances in Sweet Home, Alchemy of Souls and Law School.

meet korea's latest superheroes!

Superpower: Supernatural Strength And Speed

Name: Lee Ganghoon

Meet Ganghoon, a do-gooder among the three teenagers. The representative of Bongseok and Huisoo’s class, Ganghoon inherited his supernatural strength and speed from his father. Committed to keeping his powers a secret, one day Ganghoon’s quick temper lands him in trouble with no way back to his old life.

Starring Kim Dohoon who is rapidly making a name for himself in the Korean movie industry, this young actor has portrayed a diverse range of characters across genres.

Moving will premiere 9 August with 7 episodes on Disney+ Hotstar.