“Too Young!” K-Netizens Shocked After Finding Out That A 13-Year-Old Idol Is Making A Debut!

K-netizens are finding it hard to believe that an idol, younger than Hyein from NewJeans, is making a debut.

“too young!” k-netizens shocked after finding out that a 13-year-old idol is making a debut!

It was reported that YG Entertainment’s new girl group called Baby Monster or also known as Baemon, consisting of seven members, are scheduled to debut in 2023. 

“I can’t believe an Idol younger than NewJean’s Hyein is debuting. She was born in 2010,” one person commented. 

“If she’s born in 2010, that is way too young.”

Many YGE artists, including members from WINNER, AKMU, and Lisa and Jennie from BLACKPINK were seen in the teaser video, praising the new girls saying that they have been training hard for four years. 

However, YG Entertainment have only revealed the names of the members, not their age. So it’s unsure whether it’s true that the new idol is 13-years-old. 

What do you guys think of this new girl group?