Iconic Japanese Sci-Fi Anime "Macross" Is Coming To Disney+ Hotstar Soon!

After four decades of astonishing Japanese viewers with its futuristic depictions of transforming mecha battles, deep space exploration and its award-winning original songs and scores, the majority of the Macross anime catalogue will begin streaming this year on Disney+ Hotstar.

iconic japanese sci-fi anime macross is coming to disney+ hotstar soon!

Set to release in parts throughout 2024, Macross sets up the fate of the human race in the wake of a massive alien spacecraft crashing into Earth, causing an all-out space war between the United Nations Government and an unknown extraterrestrial threat that takes humanity to the brink of extinction. Following the events of the war, the New U.N. Government begins an emigration plan to ensure the survival of the species. Shortly after, the first ultra-long-range fleet, Megaroad-01 leaves the Earth, marking the beginning of humanity’s expansion into space. The Macross series goes on to depict the lives and events of future generations, including their conflicts with alien lifeforms and the power of songs, resulting in award-winning soundtracks featured throughout the franchise.

Replete with action, romance, music, and poignant modern themes, the Macross catalogue has attracted fans across the world since it first debuted in 1982. 

Fans of Japanese anime can sign up to Disney+ Hotstar today to enjoy immediate access to a wealth of unmissable titles including Sand Land: The Series about a group of eccentric misfits who band together against a greedy king to find the Legendary Spring; Ishura about a world following the demise of the Demon King; and PHOENIX: EDEN17, an adaptation of Osamu Tezuka’s seminal work that takes viewers on a dangerous extraterrestrial adventure to a new planet filled with nothing but misery. Fans can also look forward to the April 7 release of The Fable, about an accomplished assassin who is forced to lay low for a year; and Go! Go! Loser Ranger! about an ongoing war between an invading Monster Army and the hugely popular Divine Dragon Rangers.

Start streaming the Macross catalogue later this year on Disney+ Hotstar.