It's A Small World After All!

Season 3 of Small World returned last week with a facelift!

Well, sort of…

The most obvious change was the presence of 3 new mentors, or judges, coachers, call-them-whatever-you-like!

Stepping into the huge shoes of Aishah Sinclair, Roshan Narayan, and Lez Ann were YouTuber and perennial prankster Mark O’dea, former Miss Universe Malaysia 3rd Runner Up Swarna and former hitz radio announcer and actress Denise Chan.

small world season 3 is back!Photo: Small World Season 3

They will have their jobs cut out for them – because gone are the days when kids just wanted to be lawyers, doctors, and teachers. Now the younger generation aims for the stars and strives to be astronauts, microbiologists, and pilots instead. Mind-blowing!

It’s hard to make out what the default task is going to be for the kids to ace the audition! On The Voice, you have to sing, on Masterchef you need to cook - but it’s quite tough to know what makes a good ‘star’ in front of the camera. 

Small World Season 3: The Auditions

Small World Season 3: The Auditions Our kid talent show returns with new judges at the helm - Mark O'Dea #Swarna and Denise Chan!! Episode 1 sees them form their team of 3 kids (plus a wild card!) to face the Boot Camp amid tears, rejection and karate chops??!? Brand new episodes air every Wednesday, 9pm on ch 813HD #SWS3

Posted by Stadium Astro on Thursday, February 13, 2020

The mentors are making up their minds as they go, based on first impressions. Some contestants received a t-shirt after a quick conversation with the judges, others sang, displayed their talent in karate, danced or role-played while being interviewed by Mark.

Except maybe for the likes of Evan, Samatha, and Adreana, they were the few who had more than one judge fighting over them, so they might have done something really good to impress them! 

In the end, Denise was the only one who had completed her team of 4 for the boot camp, while Swarna and Mark left the door open for a wild-card option which will be revealed later in this week’s episode. 

Based on the selection during the auditions alone, it is poised that it could be anyone’s game this season. But if the previous season of Small World is any indicator at all, a lot can change at the boot camp.

The kids will be challenged to shine in a much more intimate environment, which makes it easier for Mark, Swarna, and Denise to focus on the finer details of their chosen ones before they decide who will become the starlet.

Well, exactly like Hollywood Week on American Idol, but just a lot less stressful.

The chemistry between the new trio sets a refreshing tone for the show with a healthy competition between them because the last thing you’d want to see is Mark, Denise and Swarna be all saccharine-supportive of each other. 

Though it is still a competition, so a little bit of fire now and then among the teams is OKAY!

The mentors probably already realized by now that they’re kind of in the same boat when it comes to attempting to “inspire” the kids to be the best version of themselves, off and on camera. Read: zero experience on parenting.

They’ll be damned if they’re not the last one standing! (in that winner’s circle, of course)

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat