Highly-Anticipated Local Animated Series “Ejen Ali” Season 3 To Premiere Exclusively On Disney+ Hotstar!

Ejen Ali, the beloved Malaysian animated series returns to screens this summer with a third season set to debut exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar June 25.

highly-anticipated local animated series ejen ali season 3 to premiere exclusively on disney+ hotstar

This season will see Ejen Ali (Ida Rahayu Yusoff) and the young Ejens from MATA Academy reunite for a secret competition at the MATA Arena. As Ali strives to honor his late mother’s legacy and become the MATA Arena champion, he must grapple with life without the supercomputer device IRIS amidst intense competition from highly-skilled International Ejens. As the competition progresses, a secret plot to disrupt MATA and gain control over the futuristic city of Cyberaya will come to light.

At the same time, MATA’s best Ejen, Rizwan (Azman Zulkiply) will go rogue when he grows wary of the threat posed by the villainous Numeros, who return for revenge after the loss of their leader, Uno. Rizwan will form an unlikely alliance with former Numeros member, Dos (Nurul Radhiah Ibrahim), as they try to expose the Numeros’ devious schemes.

Boasting an innovative, expansive universe and high-quality animation, the Ejen Ali franchise incorporates diverse multicultural Malaysian influences in modern design concepts, paying tribute to local traditional Malaysian elements such as gasing, silat martial arts and weaponry such as the kerambit.

highly-anticipated local animated series ejen ali season 3 to premiere exclusively on disney+ hotstar

Viewers can also expect to see immersive action sequences made possible by stunning visual effects which will complement the rich storytelling of the series. Noorhayati Maslini, Azi Shafian and Azman Zulkiply reprise their roles in the show, while Usamah Zaid, Director and Head Scriptwriter, as well as Shafiq Isa, Creative and Voice Director, also double up as several characters in the series.

Usamah Zaid Yasin, Director of Ejen Ali and Chief Executive Officer of WAU Animation, said, “It's thrilling to see Ejen Ali debut on a global streaming platform, one with an established following of animation fans. Like many, the pandemic had us working from home to complete production on Season 3, and I believe it is a testament to our incredible WAUriors that we were able to achieve this significant milestone with Disney+ Hotstar!

"Since animation is a universal medium where people, especially young audiences, are able to see characters that resemble them on screen, we hope that we have created a positive model for them to emulate. Thank you to our fans for their unwavering support to this day!”

Ejen Ali Season 3 will premiere June 25 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.