Goodbye, HITZ’s Gotcha Call!

Have you heard? HITZ’s iconic Gotchas has got to go. 

goodbye, hitz’s gotcha call!

The popular prank call segment on the HITZ Morning Show is finally coming to an end after more than a decade of entertaining Malaysians of all ages nationwide. 

goodbye, hitz’s gotcha call!

goodbye, hitz’s gotcha call!

How could this be happening you wonder?

It all began before MCO when Dr. Jason Leong, doctor turned popular stand-up comedian, expressed a very controversial opinion. He hated prank calls, including Gotcha calls. Naturally, the HITZ Morning Crew could not take this lying down.

Thus, the ‘Fight for Gotcha’ challenge was born. Ean and Dr. Jason, man to man, in an all out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu battle. Should Ean win, Gotcha calls would remain. Vice versa, should Dr. Jason win, Gotcha calls would end forever. 

goodbye, hitz’s gotcha call!

The battle finally took place on a dark Friday night on 2nd October 2020. The tension in the air was palpable. Beads of sweat trickled down the foreheads of Ean and Dr. Jason as they warmed up for the most important fight of their lives.

At 7 pm, hundreds of viewers tuned into the live stream greatly anticipating the fight. It was show time and the two fighters made their way to the boxing ring. 

Watch the fight for yourself here!

Within seconds of the fight starting, Dr. Jason lunged for Ean’s legs. From that point on, Dr. Jason had Ean pinned to the ground. Ean struggled to free himself but unbeknownst to onlookers, he was in great pain. His knee had gotten dislocated, an old injury that would come to haunt him on this day. 

After the fight, Dr. Jason popped Ean’s knee back into place. Ean was immediately attended to by the emergency medical personnel that were on standby during the fight.

Nonetheless, a clear victor emerged, Dr. Jason Leong. Here are some heartwarming words from the man himself.

Although we are sad to see Gotcha calls go, like Dr. Jason, we look forward to seeing what is next for the hitz Morning Crew. 

As for Ean? He will be taking an MC to focus on his recovery but he hopes that the hitz listeners will remember the characters that he had created for Gotcha such as Siput and Sipit, Habibur and Bernie and the Boys.

By: Catalina Hubbard