Syabira Yusoff Becomes First Malaysian To Be Crowned Winner of Great British Bake Off!

What an achievement! 

The Great British Bake Off, a well-known and loved UK television programme has announced its season 13 winner, Malaysian homebaker, Syabira Yusoff!

syabira yusoff becomes first malaysian to be crowned winner of great british bake off!Photo via Malay Mail

32-year-old Syabira, a London-based cardiovascular researcher defeated Mr. Sando Farmhouse and Mr. Abdul Rehman Sharif in winning the competition. 

The three contestants were tasked with creating a summer picnic using seasonal ingredients from across the UK in the week’s theme which is sustainability. They were required to prepare finger sandwiches from their own homemade load of traditional white bread, miniature cakes and vegetarian pies. 

The Evening Standard reported that Syabira, made an outstanding and delicious-looking “no porky pie” out of aubergine and mushroom as well as a broad bean heart-shaped sandwich with coriander paste and salsa verde.

In the technical round, the contestants were tasked to prepare a “summer pudding bombe,” and in the series’ climatic showdown, they then had to create an edible sculpture of ‘Our Beautiful Planet.’

Wah, sounds difficult!

After winning, Ms. Syabira told reporters that it was “the biggest achievement of my life.”

“All the effort and trial and error have been worth it. I’m extremely proud,” she said. 

The Great British Bake Off, or popularly known as Bake Off or GBBO is a reality TV series in the United Kingdom where contestants compete to be the UK’s best amateur baker. 

Wah, we’re so proud. Congratulations, Syabira!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat