Meet Eternity, 11-Piece Virtual Girl Group Created Using AI Technology!

Meet Eternity! An AI-generated virtual K-pop group that was created using cutting-edge deep-fake technology. 

The music industry has grown to become one of South Korea’s major exports bringing in tens of billions of dollars through their world famous groups like Super Junior, NCT, BTS and BLACKPINK, just to name a few! 

However, despite their global success, the k-pop industry isn’t taking it easy and instead they are constantly looking for new ways to remain relevant and are going through constant change. 

meet eternity, 11-piece virtual girl group created using ai technology!Photo via Kpop Wiki

Well, it looks like artificial intelligence is now the next big thing?

When you look at these girls, Eternity seems like another typical female k-pop group… but what makes them different from the others is the fact that all 11 of its members are deep-fake avatars that have been made to look extremely realistic.

Yes, they DO NOT exist!

Eternity was created in 2021 by a South Korean deep learning tech company, Pulse9 who believes that this is just “a glimpse into the k-pop of the future.

Its CEO, Park Jieun told BBC that the business they’re building with Eternity is completely new, “The benefit of having virtual artists is that k-pop stars frequently struggle with physical limitations or even mental distress because they are human.

“Virtual k-pop stars are free from these issues,” he said. 

Although the members of Eternity appear uncannily human at first glance, you can actually tell when they sing because their mouth movements don't match their vocals perfectly. 

And in case you didn’t know, Eternity has already released several music videos.