Didn’t Make Top 21, But Still Proud To Represent Malaysia At Miss Universe Stage!

Malaysia’s Francisca Luhong James ended her 69th Miss Universe journey after she did not make it to the top 21 of the beauty pageant. 

didn’t make top 21, but still proud to represent malaysia at miss universe stage!Photo via Instagram (@francisca.luhong)

In her Instagram post, she said that she was the first native to represent Malaysia at the international stage!

Her caption reads: “Growing up, I was taught to appreciate my heritage. Coming from a longhouse village consists of 101 doors, coming from a mixed native parentage, and being the first in my family to take a huge step in the pageant world.

“I get to work and appreciate more people who I work with and their essence of being special in their own authentic ways. I learned self-value, self love before loving others, humility and humanity are essential,” she continued.

She also said that she wishes to inspire more individuals in pursuing whatever they want to do in life, saying: “Whenever people doubt you, know this… you are the one who makes decisions for yourself, you are strong and ambitious, you will succeed and you will reach your milestones and goals.”

Hailing from Kuching, Sarawak, Francisca is a mix of Kayan, Kenyah and Iban, with her native roots of Dayak. 

In another Instagram post, she also said that she is grateful to God and her supporters who have been with her throughout her Miss Universe journey. 

She said: “I have done my best for my country Malaysia and though I wish it could’ve been different, I know for sure everyone has their own destiny in life.”

We’re still proud of you no matter the outcome. Amazing job, Francisca! 

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By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat