Dato' Siti Nurhaliza Introduces her First-Ever Docufilm on TikTok!

Dato' Sri Siti Nurhaliza, the top-tier Malaysian singer, songwriter, actress, and also businesswoman holding more than 300 local and international awards, has exclusively introduced her upcoming docufilm and concert movie "Siti: Are You Ready?" during a TikTok live.

Following this announcement, she also unveiled that there will be a first-hand pre-release trailer exclusively available on TikTok, before any other platforms, a behind-the-scenes interview with the film cast members, and a Gala Premier.

This is the first-ever docufilm made based on Siti’s iconic concert tour. As one of the biggest Malaysian artists of all time, she has brought her concerts to a whole new level with world-class productions and travelled to three cities (Jakarta, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur) for the concert's full run. The entire concert was even simulated in a studio space for rehearsals - a feat common for international touring artists but a first for any Malaysian artist.

This will be the first docufilm and concert film where people can journey along with Siti and learn what it takes to achieve such momentous milestones.

Siti has chosen TikTok, the fastest-growing social media platform ever for music discovery, as an official platform to make the announcement and pre-release the trailer. Commenting on the announcement, Darren Quek, TikTok Strategy Operations Manager, Malaysia said, “We are so excited to have Siti sharing her first-ever docufilm exclusively on TikTok! As TikTok continues to make a name for itself as a hotbed for talent and artists, we are committed to continue supporting the local entertainment scene and giving talented artists such as Siti a platform to show their works to the world. Our mission is after all to always bring joy to the community through unlimited creativity and expression.”

"Siti: Are You Ready?" includes not only the journey of how she achieved her career milestones, but also the unknown hardships and difficulties behind the success and screens. It also features some very personal stories of her life and her struggles as a woman that are yet to be told. Her first public singing performance after giving birth to her daughter was a three-stop concert tour, and that was right after her maternity break. On top of that, she had to rehearse endlessly to plan the performances, carry out a fitness program for weight loss and take care of her daughter at the same time. With this level of hardship, it was definitely not easy for her to achieve the tour," he said. 


Saksikan & langgan di Astro First & Vimeo On Demand, 30 Disember 2021. ##sitiareyouready ##SitiNurhaliza ##jublisiti25 ##sitizoners

♬ original sound - Siti Nurhaliza

Siti says: “This will be my first-ever docufilm and I am really excited for what's to come. I am also grateful to be able to share the news with the world and my fans through my TikTok LIVE. "Siti: Are you Ready?" is an honorable piece that recorded my journey through momentous milestones and I am so proud to represent Malaysia as an artist that can let the world know that anything is made possible!”

The exclusive official trailer and the behind-the-scenes interview with the film cast members were released on TikTok on 19th December.

What’s left to look forward to is the live broadcast of the Gala Premier on 22nd December, in which there will be also a press conference and red carpet event, the docufilm "Siti: Are You Ready?" that will be released in full on 30th December on Astro First. 


Official Trailer Filem Dokumentari SITI: ARE YOU READY? Langgan di Astro First (RM 19.90 ) dan Vimeo On Demand bermula 30 Disember 2021 ##sitiareyouready#sembangentertainment##sembangcelebrity##SitiNurhaliza##Jub#liSiti25

♬ original sound - Siti Nurhaliza

Along with the docufilm, there will be a hashtag challenge, #SitiAreYouReady, on TikTok for Siti’s fans to showcase their love and support, celebrate this achievement for her, and even win "Siti: Are You Ready?" merchandise!

Wahh, we can't wait for this!