Check Out Our First-Ever Iban SYOKcast!

The Iban community can now enjoy ‘Sada Iban with Shirly and Nomi’ (Sada Iban Begulai Enggau Shirly and Nomi), the first-ever Iban podcast, exclusively on SYOK!

check out our first-ever iban syokcast!

Sada Iban with Shirly and Nomi features current topics and discussions from the perspective of popular Iban personalities and experts from various fields including music, entertainment, culture, history, and more!

Co-hosted by the popular Iban YouTubers, Shirly and Nomi, they take listeners through a series of entertaining and motivating discussions, which also uncover the nuances, realities and success stories of the Iban community. 

Shirly and Nomi, are some of the pioneering Iban digital content creators and have grown their social presence to encompass more than 210,000 followers across all social media platforms.  As multilingual social media personalities, they are able to converse in Malay, Chinese and English, in addition to their mother tongue – Iban. 

check out our first-ever iban syokcast!

The first episode, ‘Iban Popular Music Then and Now’ explores behind the scenes of the Iban music industry and how musicians face the demand and challenges, with appearances from: Gibbson, the founder of the successful Iban music production company ‘Kaban Music Production’; Melissa Francis, popular Iban singer; and HSW (Hayrington Suring William), a rising Iban rapper and independent producer behind popular Iban music among youth. 

check out our first-ever iban syokcast!

Meanwhile, episode two, ‘Iban YouTubers: Breaking into the new era of entertainment’ talks about the future of Iban content on YouTube with Julai Billie and Presley Lah, popular Iban YouTubers who share their struggles and passions with hosts, Shirly and Nomi.

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By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat