Calling All Independent Music Labels And Artistes To Indie Space Station!

Rocketfuel Entertainment will be introducing their latest venture, Rocketfuel Indie Space Station (ISS), which focuses on independent labels and artistes! 

Rocketfuel ISS will be a part of their music label, Rocketfuel Records, which operates alongside the three other divisions; Rocketfuel Talent, Rocketfuel Multi Channel Network, and Rocketfuel Live.

Under the leadership of Feros Sayna as the new Head of Rocketfuel Entertainment, a lot of achievements have been attained that put the Rocketfuel Entertainment brand alongside the top labels in Malaysia and South East Asia.

The achievements include having over 3.3 million subscribers and 647 million views across 33 talent driven channels, over 60 million music streams and downloads in 2020, and having over 38 million fans on social media combined.

Their talents have also managed to clinch top industry awards such as Ernie Zakri (Best Vocals – Anugerah Juara Lagu 35), Masya Masyitah (Champion – Yippi Star Quest), Hael Husaini (Champion – Anugerah Juara Lagu 32 & 33, MTV Asia Spotlight), and Ara Johari (Runner Up -Anugerah Bintang Popular) to name a few.

Rocketfuel Indie Space Station is set up to open doors to all independent labels and independent artistes who are looking to launch their songs on digital platforms, TV, and radio.

On top of that, Rocketfuel Indie Space Station also offers publishing and licensing services.

Besides distribution and publishing, Rocketfuel Indie Space Station will offer promotional and marketing services for releases which includes digital platform pitching, radio and TV servicing, social media promotions, as well as consultation.

Regarding the leadership, Feros says, “I would like to introduce the new Head of Rocketfuel Records and Publishing, Jipie, who will also be heading Rocketfuel Indie Space Station. Jipie, who is the lead singer of PESAWAT, a successful local band, is very well-versed with the Malaysian music industry.

"Under his guidance, I have no doubt that he will be able to put the label on the next level. With the addition of Rocketfuel Indie Space Station, Rocketfuel Records will expand further in its plan to be the best entertainment label in the region.”

According to Jipie, “In pursuing this modernization, we take a step to be different but at the same
time we want to be accepted by the music lovers around the country.

“Our future plan is to make Rocketfuel Entertainment as one of the most reputable music and talent agencies in the world.”

This is your chance, guys! Try sending them your music at!

Further to that, Rocketfuel Entertainment has also revamped their website with a new look which coincides with the brand identity of Rocketfuel Entertainment; modern, with elements of fun weaved within.

The website boasts several new add-ons which will be useful to its business partners and clients.

It will feature Rocketfuel Entertainment’s latest releases and upcoming projects for everybody to stay up-to-date with the company’s constant projects.

The website will also feature all the talents within the Rocketfuel Entertainment family for clients to easily identify the next talent to represent their brands.

The team will continuously update the website to keep the news fresh, and the talents plenty. Visit the newly upgraded website at now! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat