SUGA Is Reportedly The Next BTS Member To Enlist In The South Korean Military Service Next Year

BTS member, Jin has safely enlisted in the South Korean military service on 13 December. 

suga is reportedly the next bts member to enlist in the south korean military service next yearPhoto via Twitter (@bts_bighit)

The South Korean group’s oldest member will spend 18 months in the military per the South Korean law. BTS members including leader RM, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, Jungkook and V were all present at the army base to say their goodbyes to their “hyung.”

“I’ll go and come back safely and since being healthy is my first priority, I won’t get sick. And our ARMYs, don’t be sick, too,” Jin said in the BANGTAN BOMB video that was uploaded last Thursday (15 December).

According to South Korean media, SUGA, who is 29-years-old this year will reportedly be the next member to join the military. SUGA will be assigned as a public servant following surgery on his left shoulder in 2020.

However, BTS’ management BIGHIT MUSIC declined to confirm the rumours in a statement: “BTS members plan to serve in the military sequentially according to their own plans. It is difficult to confirm the artist’s personal information," said a representative of BIGHIT MUSIC.

The South Korean boyband, BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys made their debut in 2013 and it is now anticipated that the group will reunite in 2025!