BTS’ Jin Gets Vacation As Reward After His Team Wins Military Talent Show

BTS’ member, Jin recently took a vacation after winning the military talent competition. The singer often amazes his fellow comrades with his brilliance, dedication and effort.

On 18 January, Jin completed his five weeks of basic training and attended his graduation from the recruit training center for the 5th Infantry Division.

bts’ jin gets vacation as reward after his team wins military talent showPhoto via Instagram (@jin)

He was then given the permission to use his phone again and the first thing he did was to get in touch with ARMYs using WeVerse, a social media platform where BTS would usually communicate with their fans. 

In addition to performing and helping others with their talent show performance, Jin also led his team to the win! 

The occasion was held to celebrate the Lunar New Year or “Seollal,” which is where Jin and his team receives a vacation as an award for winning the contest.

As a South Korean man, Jin enlisted in the military on 13 December last year to fulfill his duty to the country. The other BTS members will soon enlist in the military as well before coming back together as a group in 2025.

Jin also shared several photos from the military training graduation ceremony for his fans, saying that he is currently having fun and telling ARMYs to “always be happy and stay well.”

He is so sweet! We’re glad that he is having so much fun!