#BreakTheBias: Celebrating Incredible Heroines Who Defy The Odds!

This year on International Women’s Day, come together with your friends and family as we #BreaktheBias and celebrate all the different women in our lives who inspire us to be bold, both in real life and on our screens.

From regular girls-next-door to tough-as-nails assassins, whether they have magical powers or get things done through a combination of determination, wits and bravery, check out these incredible heroines of all ages on Disney+ Hotstar as they continue to reach for their goals and dare to defy the odds.

#1 Mei Lee – Turning Red

celebrating incredible disney heroines who defy the odds!Many of us are all too familiar with the struggles of having to meet our parents’ expectations and sometimes all-too-strict rules while growing up. For 13-year-old Mei Lee, things are that much more complicated when she has to juggle all that, plus having to keep the secret of a family curse – whenever she gets excited or emotional (which is nearly all the time for a teenager!), she ‘poofs’ into a giant red panda!

Premiering March 11 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” explores the hilarious escapades of a teenager as well as the heartwarming relationship between mother and daughter as they try to navigate the chaos of Mei Lee’s adolescence.

#2 Mirabel Madrigal – Encanto

celebrating incredible disney heroines who defy the odds!

Growing up in a large family of gifted people can have its perks, but not so much when you’re the only one without a special talent. Despite being the odd one out, Mirabel’s optimistic spirit and empathetic nature has never faltered, as she continues to do her best to make her family proud – and eventually becomes the only one who can keep them together through their toughest times.

Nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, Best Original Score and Best Original Song for the 94th Oscars®, Disney’s “Encanto” weaves a charming tale about an ordinary girl in an extraordinary family… all with a little musical flair.

#3 Go Eun-gang – Rookie Cops

celebrating incredible disney heroines who defy the odds!

A love-struck girl who follows her crush to join the Police Academy, Go Eun-gang proves that having a soft nature doesn’t mean you’re an easy target. Over the course of this exciting series, we see her evolve from a feisty troublemaker into a strong and mature woman who isn’t afraid to stand up against injustice. Despite wrongful accusations and uncertainties, we see this young woman finally take charge of her life without giving in.

Catch the series on Disney+ Hotstar as Chae Soo-Bin’s Go Eun-gang stars alongside Kang Daniel’s Wi Seung-hyeon in this coming-of-age story spiced with crime and romance.

#4 Jung Sae-Byeok – Grid

celebrating incredible disney heroines who defy the odds!

An imaginative young girl turned hotshot detective, Jung Sae-Byeok faces an unprecedented case when a mysterious presence from the past abets a murder case. Despite having her own agenda, Jung Sae-Byeok joins forces with Kim Sae-ha to hunt down this mystical ‘ghost’ that was once the reason the world was saved from catastrophic solar winds.

Starring powerhouse actresses Kim A-Joong and Lee Si-Young, this female-studded cast is a great watch to boost your confidence this International Women’s Day. Be sure to catch new episodes every Wednesday exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar as the mystery unfolds!

#5 Fennec Shand – The Book of Boba Fett

celebrating incredible disney heroines who defy the odds!

Highly skilled and ruthless, Fennec Shand redefines strong female characters. As a bounty hunter and elite mercenary, Fennec worked her way up to become a notable presence in the galaxy’s criminal underworld, building a reputation for herself as an expert fighter and manipulator, able to stand her ground against the Mandalorian alongside the renowned bounty hunter Boba Fett as they attempt to navigate through the criminal underworld unscathed.

Playing the strong and capable role of Fennec Shand is none other than Ming-Na Wen, who earned her reputation as a Disney legend by being the only person to earn the Disney trifecta for voicing Fa Mulan in the 1998 animated film, playing a leading role in the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and now stars as the master assassin in the Star Wars series.

#6 Valerie Taylor- Playing With Sharks

celebrating incredible disney heroines who defy the odds!

A skilled diver and spearfisher turned conservationist, Valerie Taylor is a living legend and pioneer in the world of underwater filmmaking and shark research, having dedicated her career towards educating the world on the nature of sharks. As a young woman, she was a trailblazer in spearfishing in a sport dominated by men, but one encounter with a shark shifted her perspective forever. Now in her 80s, Valerie proclaims she will continue to dive till she’s stuck in a wheelchair.

“Playing With Sharks” is a jaw-dropping documentary about the woman who continues to conquers life and age to live out her passion and dreams in the water.

Bring your friends and family together this International Women’s Day to get motivated by these amazing women on Disney+ Hotstar!

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