Bloodshot Shot In KL

bloodshot shot in klPhoto: Youtube (Sony Pictures Entertainment)

Movies are great fun and all that, but nothing can really beat the awe of seeing a familiar background or setting on the silver screen!

“Bloodshot”, which stars Vin Diesel, will be showcasing bits and pieces of our beloved Kuala Lumpur. From the same producers of Fast and Furious, the fantasy/action movie tells the tale of marine Ray Garrison, who is resurrected by a bunch of scientists after he and his wife are murdered. Thanks to nanotech, he is now a biotech killing machine named Bloodshot. Old memories slowly begin to return to him, and that’s when the story really begins. Sounds like a pretty heart-thumping thriller to us!

bloodshot shot in klPhoto: ScreenGeek

The movie is based on a character from Valiant Comics, in which Bloodshot has powers of regeneration and meta-morphing which are made possible through nanites injected into his blood (hence the name). 

bloodshot shot in klPhoto: Youtube (Sony Pictures Entertainment) 

Sony Pictures recently released the first trailer and we spotted the KL skyline in it, which means that there will definitely be a little action happening here. While we still aren’t sure what is going on in the movie, it’s something to look out for. Check out the trailer here.

Mark your calendar - “Bloodshot” will be out on 20th February 2020!

By: Celestine Foo