Be Honest, You Can’t Forget This

be honest, you can’t forget thisPhoto: Universal Music Malaysia

We haven’t forgotten the success of multi-talented Fazura’s last single “Can’t Forget Me”, and she is now back with a brand new song entitled “Be Honest”. 

Catchy and relatable, the track is all about the struggle of moving on from a relationship that one person is still holding on to. “I hope you see, there’s someone else for you and me,” Fazura sings, words that many of us can resonate with.

be honest, you can’t forget this

“Be Honest” also features acoustic singer/songwriter Jesse Ruben, as well as Will Snyder and Kyle Patrick. 

The lyrics and melody took only 4 hours to create, after which Snyder and Patrick took over to work their magic on the production end of things. Indeed, magic it is - it’s a pretty infectious song that has us hooked.
"It was such a pleasure working together with Jesse, Will and Kyle. We vibed together so well, which made writing the lyrics and working on the flow of the song effortlessly easy,” said Fazura.
"Sometimes life works in funny ways. We could love someone so passionately, but we can never really know what life has in store for us. Sometimes things just don't work out, but you’d still want the best for them,” she added. Such wise words, especially as this is not something many of us can openly admit to. 
'Be Honest’ is out now on all digital platforms worldwide, followed by the release of the official music video later today at 10p.m. Malaysian timing.