Astro Ushers In Year Of The Golden Ox With The Theme ‘Sharing Abundance’

astro ushers in year of the golden ox with the theme ‘sharing abundance’

As we bid farewell to the challenging 2020, Astro ushers in Year of the Golden Ox with all Malaysians, embracing the new year with a renewed sense of hope. 

During the pandemic, numerous aspects of daily lives were affected, with many forced to stay apart from family and close friends. 

With that being said, Astro celebrates the upcoming Year of the Golden Ox with the tagline of 心连心希望,元气满满Moo Moo (Xin Lian Xin Xi Wang, Yuan Qi Man Man Moo Moo Da), which means “with love and hearts close to each other, physical distance is not a barrier, hope never vanishes, and together, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel and unleash the vitality of positive vibes.”

So in the spirit of keeping traditions alive in the new normal, and with the growing preference of enjoying more high-quality entertainment safely at home, Astro customers can look forward to an exciting range of originals and special Chinese New Year content.

Malaysians will definitely joy and comfort during this unprecedented time, specifically through the premieres of exciting CNY programmes, Moo Moo Da CNY Album, Moo Moo Da CNY merchandise, Moo Moo Da Web AR and Moo Moo Da CNY e-stickers.

In addition to the exciting CNY specials, there’s going to be Astro 2021 limited edition merchandise, a CNY Special Album, children’s favourite ‘Moo Moo Da’ plush toys, USBs and facemasks, which will also be available at selected Popular bookstores nationwide from January 3rd, 2021.

Also in the pipeline is the Astro Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign, themed “Your Purchase Has A Purpose”, where RM1 from every merchandise sold will be donated to a dedicated CNY Orphanage Charity Fund to help the less fortunate.

Looks like we’re definitely gonna be starting 2021 on a high!

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