Astro Showcases Multiple Hit Shows From Animasia Studio!

Astro, Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company will showcase multiple hit shows from Animasia Studio including Dragon Force Season 3: Monsters Rise, Beyblade Burst, Harry and Bunnie and Chuck Chicken in the coming months.

astro showcases multiple hit shows from animasia studio!Photo via The Rakyat Post

Customers can enjoy these shows on TA-DAA! (Channel 612) and stream anytime via On Demand and Astro GO.

These popular shows will supplement the shows that have already launched on Astro TV and will continue showing after it aired on their Video On Demand (VOD) platform through Astro B.yond and Astro IPTV.

Beyblade Burst Season 5 will officially premiere in Malaysia and Brunei in English and Bahasa Malaysia on 3rd January 2022. This premiere is in conjunction with Beyblade’s 20th year anniversary in Malaysia in 2022.

In the past month, Astro customers have been able to enjoy the premiere of Harry & Bunnie from September 13th, Dragon Force Season 3: Monsters Rise from October 11th and Chuck Chicken Season 1 from October 18th. Astro customers can look forward to the premiere of Beyblade Burst Season 1 from November 8th.

Before this collaboration, Animasia also featured other shows on Astro including local favourite Bola Kampung Xtreme and Bola Kampung the Movie as well as Balla Bowl and Dragon Force Season 1 & 2, which are currently available for streaming via On Demand.

Raye Lee, Executive Director of Animasia Studio said, “We are very excited to showcase multiple of our programs on Astro as they are a very important broadcast partner for Malaysia and Brunei. Thus, with this very close collaboration, it will enable us to roll out more licensing and merchandising opportunities in our region.”

Sharmin Parameswaran, VP, VOD/PPV & International said, “We are pleased to partner with Animasia for these exciting premieres, including the Malaysian premiere of popular animation, Beyblade available exclusively to Astro customers first.

"We look forward to working with more local production companies to bring more highquality content to our customers.”

astro showcases multiple hit shows from animasia studio!

Dragon Force by Hyper Dimension Entertainment, aimed at kids aged 6- 11, lets kids experience how the protagonist Lucas grow up as a little hero through adventure and battle, In this new season, all 26 Mech-monsters are based on the legendary ancient Chinese book ‘Shan Hai Jing’ also known as ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’.

Dragon Force will be having a new adventure in the virtual world of the oriental legend. Under the guidance of the Dragon Force, Lucas bravely meets the challenge and grows up in the process. The concept of ‘unity of knowledge and action’ is displayed through fascinating stories.

astro showcases multiple hit shows from animasia studio!

Beyblade Burst is a series of Japanese Manga series originally released by Shogakukan and spinning top toy line released by Takara Tomy in July 2015 and its anime series released by ADK Emotions in April 2016. Beyblade has been around in Malaysia for 20 years and in 2022 marks the 20th year anniversary of Beyblade in Malaysia.

The story revolves around Valt Aoi as he practices Beyblade. He and his Beyblade Valtryek face off against friends, classmates and rivals to work his way up and become the world’s number one Blader.

Chuck Chicken is an Action, Comedy and Adventure show for kids between ages 7 to 11. The story takes place in Rocky Perch Island where Chuck provides Kung Fu style security and protection for its citizens using his inherited Golden Egg filled with 12 amazing powers and abilities and help from his friends Flick and Wing.

astro showcases multiple hit shows from animasia studio!

Harry & Bunnie is a non-dialogue slapstick based show for kids ages 7-11 and features the conflicts between a young wannabe magician who hardly ever succeeds in his tricks and his mischievous former stage rabbit Bunnie who seems to always steal his limelight by having control of his Magic Wand.

Sounds fun! We can't wait to watch them! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat