Will Women Ever Come To Power In The Patriarchal Society of House of the Dragon?

Warning: major spoilers ahead!

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#1 The age of men

will women ever come to power in the patriarchal society of house of the dragon?

House of the Dragon brings us to a time where men are the superior sex and women are powerless. This prejudice is evident in the premiere episode, as early as the opening scene.

As of the events of House of the Dragon, a woman has never sat on the Iron Throne. Rhaenys Targaryen has been passed over the Throne twice, though it was birthright. In the opening scene at the Great Council at Harrenhal, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen named her brother Viserys over her simply because he is a man.

This prejudice towards women is also seen beyond the council halls.

#2 Duty of women

King Viserys’ wife, Queen Aemma, has dedicated her life to provide an heir for the King. It was her sworn duty as a woman. And when it came time to birth her last child, it was a man who was given the choice to choose her fate.

Aemma herself didn’t have a voice in choosing whether or not to proceed with the life-ending procedure to birth her baby.

#3 Times are a’changing

will women ever come to power in the patriarchal society of house of the dragon?

When tasked to name an heir, King Viserys was advised to name Daemon Targaryen, his brother, over his firstborn child, again, because he is a man.

While Viserys ultimately names Rhaenyra as his heir, this decision was emotionally charged. He didn’t name Rhaenyra for her abilities or her birthright, but rather to spite Daemon for how he’s treated the King.

#4 The fall of patriarchy?

With Rhaenyra officially named the heir to the Iron Throne, it seems that a rift is about to form in the realm.

Rhaenyra has shown signs of strength. She flies in on dragonback, showing great skill at a young age. Rhaenyra has also shown signs of bravery and leadership as she gave the signal to the dragon to light her mother and brother’s funeral pyre.

Though burdened by responsibility, her journey is shaping to be one destined for greatness.

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