After Yuna, Malaysian Singer Layla Sania Featured On New York’s Times Square Billboard

After Yuna, singer Layla Sania becomes the second Malaysian to be featured on a Times Square billboard in New York, USA!

after yuna, malaysian singer layla sania featured on new york’s times square billboardPhoto via Kosmo

The 19-years-old’s presence on the digital billboard came about as a representative of Malaysian singers in the Equal campaign by a music streaming platform. 

Equal is a global programme to nurture or highlight female artists from around the world, and Layla Sania is one of the representatives from Equal Malaysia and Singapore! 

Layla, who is excited to be a part of the Equal campaign, hopes that more female musicians will rise up to pursue the things they love doing. 

She released two singles in Malay titled ‘Que Sera Sera’ and ‘Sketches’ before producing a Chinese-language song titled ‘By Your Side’, which stole the attention of Malaysian music fans.

Congratulations, Layla! What an achievement!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat